Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Where's the mustard? A Sabbath blunder.

A short post but I need to write about our first Sabbath blunder.  During meal prep this past Friday Viv got hold of the mustard.  (I put mustard in our egg salad.  Do you?)  Well, that mustard has gone missing.  As Viv's vocabulary is still rather limited (mommy, no daddy, no, diego, no, baby, no, no, no...) it has been futile to strike up a conversation with her about where she may have placed the mustard.  I will add that it was organic mustard.  I am not familiar with the end result of already opened, non-refrigerated mustard.  I am hoping that it will turn up soon so that I will not have that knowledge.

1, 2, 3,
Yay, God!

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