Thursday, August 25, 2011

I LOVE laundry now - read on for the secret to enjoying it more :-)

When we started keeping the Sabbath I was unaware of all the added benefits that would come along besides just having a "day off".  Here's a huge one: housework is more exciting.

It's exciting because there's this definitive end where at some point you will be done with work so it's almost like a challenge to get it in before that Friday sundown.  Knowing there will be a day off from the monotomy of "chores" is motivating.  In the past there would've been so many days where I just would've let it go... save the laundry or other cleaning for tomorrow or the weekend.  But with the goal in mind of keeping the Sabbath I am pushed to not put it off.

The "challenge" of fitting it all into 6 days is actually a fun one - and as I've said in my other posts God always "blesses the work of my hands".

Let me throw this out there.  I am pretty overwhelmed with how God is blessing me as we've made this change in our family life.  Besides having a completely different outlook on housework these are the other things I've been noticing:

-our grocery bill has been cut down.  Last week it was HALF of what it normally is.  The meal planning has definitely helped in this area - but again, God is blessing us.

-God is helping me fit so many cool things into my day-to-day.  In the past month I was able to play keys at two summer concerts (Birmingham and Plymouth), play keys at church twice, I've been practicing some jazz music at night after the kids go to bed which is awesome because I haven't practiced in years (jazz is my weak spot and I've got an amazing mentor to learn from), I sewed V a new dress out of a pillowcase, I sewed V a lollipop shirt, I started two blogs, I'm in the process of starting a new company, I'm gearing up to help lead a Bible Study in the fall at Oakpointe for mom's with young kids... and I've also really been enjoying my little family of five.

I wasn't doing ANY of this stuff before we started observing a day of rest.  God is good.  If you're not doing it already talk to your family about possibly keeping the Sabbath.  You will be amazed at all the benefits that come alongside that day off.  I'd love to hear your story!!

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Yay, God!!

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  1. Great job, Gin. So impressed on many levels. :-)

  2. Love this blog...very inspiring!