Sunday, August 28, 2011

Cooking ahead - I started recently and I'm hooked!

For a long time, cooking ahead was daunting to me.  In fact, I could hardly cook for the day of - let alone for tomorrow (or freeze something for next week).  Observing the Sabbath has pushed me to learn more about it.

I am so blessed with how much I've been able to learn about freezing meals, batch cooking, and meal planning in the past few months.  For example, a few weeks ago I made four batches of a freezable sausage pasta for only $16.50.  I've learned about freezing meat in small portions to pull out for meals.  I've learned to make two dishes instead of one and then freeze ahead for a later date or for a friend.

I have some long term plans regarding batch cooking that will help with observing the Sabbath but for now I have been cooking on Friday mornings for the meals on Saturday.  I am always done with everything by around 11 (although there have been days where I have been done by 10).  That's with juggling three littles.  God makes it happen!  They like to help and snack along with the cooking and they seem to play the best together on Friday mornings.

Here's a sample menu from our latest Sabbath:
BREAKFAST: blueberry muffins (made ahead) and cut up melon (cut up ahead)
LUNCH: egg salad for sandwiches (made ahead), coleslaw/potato salad (in-laws gave that to us)
DINNER: tator tot pie (made ahead - snagged the idea from pinterest:

The tator tot pie was a hit with my niece and nephew and sis/bro-in-law.

What would you make for the Sabbath???

This weeks Sabbath food (minus the muffins which
were still baking)

It doesn't take all day to prepare.  We were done before lunch
so we were still able to enjoy some Apple Orchard time
with daddy after work.

J and V enjoying some cider and donuts with daddy.

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